This clip shows various buildings, Central Park, and night shots of New York City in the summer during the ’60s.

A woman crosses the street towards the United Nations Headquarters. A few low angle shots show the tops of the Empire State Building and its neighbor, the tip of the Empire State Building, and a  panoramic  sweep from the viewing deck, which includes the Chrysler Building and United Nations Headquarters. People in ‘60s attire look out at the city from the viewing deck.

Men in Hare Krishna attire dance and play music in the center of a circular crowd in Central Park. A crowd of people mill about the Bethesda Fountain. Various shots show crowded walkways and benches, as well as bikers on the road.

A number of neon signs at night are seen, including “Times Square Motor Hotel,” “Seafood Bar, Restaurant,” “Van Duck Food Shop,” “Ria Bar,” and “Dimon.”