This NYC footage shows city wildlife, a church, and scenes from Central Park in the spring of 1966.

Shots of Trinity Church, a gothic-looking Episcopalian church in NY's Financial District. There are exterior shots of the church as well as shots of the stained-glass interiors and a candlelit altar.

An outdoor shot shows the site of a razed building and a billboard with an ad for Hebrew National. A succession of shots show a pigeon, a rat near paper litter or garbage, and a sparrow pecking at litter.

A couple buys ice cream from a man at a sundae cart in Central Park. People are seen walking inside and outside of the park. Bikes and a horse-drawn carriage ride past the grass. A squirrel eats a nut and a pigeon walks around fallen leaves. A child holds a baseball bat and is ready to swing while another child stands waiting, mitt on hand.

In what appears to be another scene in Central Park, people hang out on the ledge of a stone wall built on a rocky base on the edge of a pond; stadium-style bleachers can be seen in the background. Women sit on benches in an enclosed playground as children play. 

The final shots show a woman corralling her children on the playground and an older man, fitted in a suit, pushing a kid on a swing.