This super 8 home movie shows people at a playground in NYC, Times Square during the day and night, and WWII memorials in spring 1966.

An older man in a suit pushes a girl on a swing. An older woman pushes a baby pram across the asphalt of the playground.

A neglected looking brick building and its immediate environs are shown; a man walks down an empty street and by the gate that blocks entrance to the building.

There is a CU of the signs for the intersection at Broadway and W.91st St, which gives way to the neon signs, billboards, and crowded streets of Times Square, shown both during the day and at night.

There are shots of the East Coast Memorial, including the bronze Eagle and granite pylons inscribed with the names of American servicemen who lost their lives in the Atlantic Ocean. A CU of the waves moves into a shot of the Statue of Liberty. A seagull sits on a wooden post, contemplating the horizon; people walk past.

Sweetgum tree leaves, its spiky seedpods, and nearby skyscrapers frame moving clouds and sky.

A woman works a hotdog stand on the curb of a busy street.

The end credits use the word “end” with a blanket as the background.