This clip begins with a scuba diver swimming near the bottom of the ocean holding onto a downline. He passes the camera and a large number of bubbles escape his breathing apparatus. The camera cuts to a POV shot of swimming along the bottom of the ocean over coral reefs. The camera cuts to a wide shot of the scuba diver swimming over the coral reef, bubbles release from this mask as he swims. In a med shot, the diver swims against the dark background of the ocean as he is pulled forward by the downline. The camera cuts back to the POV of the diver as he swims along the ocean floor. The camera cuts back to the diver being pulled along by the boat and the downline. The diver lets go of the line when he spots something of interest. He swims closer and he finds a cannon from a Spanish galleon ship, covered in coral, on the seabed. He inspects the cannon as bubbles vent out from his scub mask.

Not Explicit