Jacques Cousteau and another Scuba diver are at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea investigating an old shipwreck. They discover an old cannon from a Spanish exploration vessel. The two scuba divers inspect the cannon with a stick and then swim over the site of the shipwreck. The camera cuts to a med shot of Cousteau in his scuba gear, he points with his hand the direction he wants the other diver to investigate. The camera cuts to a 2-shot of two scuba divers marking items from the shipwreck on the ocean floor with balloons tied to strings that float in the water - one grouping of balloons are red while the other balloons are grey. The camera cuts to s med shot of a scuba diver holding a balloon, facing the camera. He places the marker offscreen and turns to locate another piece of the wreckage to mark as bubbles release from his breathing apparatus. The camera floats above the wreckage showing the POV of the divers working the site - markers are placed on the sea bed floor among the coral. In an over the shoulder shot (OTS) a diver is holding a rope that goes off into the unseen distance. He pulls his end of the rope up to a device in front of him, the diver seems to make a note of the distance measured out by the rope.