Simone says that the first time she went out with a boy was 2 years ago at a drag ball. She says some boy at the ball thought she was quite attractive. The boy came over to her and asked her all sorts of questions; and then he asked her to go out after the ball. After the ball, they went to the same motel where Simone had gotten dressed earlier for the ball. They then started to party, she says, giggling.

Asked what she means by “party,” she says that they undressed, kissed, got into bed, pulled the sheets over them, and started to feel each other. Asked what happened when the boy found out that she had a [the interviewer’s words are censored here, but given the shape of the discussion, he likely referred to Simone’s penis], she says that the boy knew about this before [i.e., that she had a penis] and that he wasn’t bothered about it - he was so “hot.”

She says that boys like to get their [words censored] by other people, especially pretty ones. Asked how the boy does “it,” Simone explains, though her words are censored. The image of a boy overlaps the image of Simone as she speaks. She speaks about her “back” and her “front” and giggles when speaking.

At the end, the interviewer says that both he and Simone have determined that Simone, “in effect,” leads a double life.