In this clip, a woman that is being interviewed goes through a typical day in her life in voiceover as she acts it out on screen. A man speaks in the end about a psychological study on homosexuals and transsexuals.The clip opens on the woman washing her face, fixing up her bed, then putting on a jacket and leather cap in order to dress as a man. He walks out the door, then out the front door of his apartment building. He checks out a woman that walks by him, and in voiceover she discusses how she is jealous that women get to be so free while he has to pretend. He walks down the city streets, stopping by a lingerie window. He gets some close-ups as the camera cuts back and forth between his face and the lingerie. He walks into the salon where he works, then begins combing a woman’s hair. Cut back to the man who interviewed the transsexuals in this film. He wraps up the talk on the psychological study performed on homosexuals.