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Man in glasses, knit cap, and denim jacket explains how he used to buy 8-tracks at a store that no longer exists.  He leans against a railing overlooking a small city block.  The guy tells a story about his friend buying an 8-track of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, taking it home, hating it, and trading it for something ("Maybe a Yes album.")  A title card explains that professional actors will now recreate "Mr. Economy's story."  "Truthseekers Beware!"  The same man narrates the story with more detail.  Shot from backseat of Mercury Monarch looking forward at driver, passenger, and city ahead.  Cut to passenger seat's POV, looking out window at the Aragon theater.  A shot of the Uptown theatre.  Another shot from the backseat of the two head banging as they drive.  People on the sidewalk in yellow clothes stop and stare, then cover their ears in terror at the noise.  Back to the car shot, where the drivers, too, are covering their ears.  POV shot from the driver's side, looking at a man in a band t-shirt and yellow flannel flipping them off.    The woman he's with joins in.  Closeups of large knives being pulled out by the two.  Back to the man in mid to wide shot leaning on the railing: "Thank god we weren't shot, I guess, is the point of the story."