8-track docShot of Michael Hurley in the van he lives in. Then we cut to the "master of ceremonies for the night," Bobby Suit. He wears a turtleneck, a loud blazer, thick rimmed glasses, and a plastic wig. He's in a brick walled, basement-like venue. He engages with the audience. "Looking bad! Bad is good, you know what I mean?" Michael Hurley, wearing glasses, and a black sailor cap, and a large mustache, performs on a tiny guitar while making odd clicking noises with his mouth. Bobby continues to talk about 8-Track mind, the "magazine all about 8-tracks. A really beautiful magazine." He reads a suggestive letter to the editor while some art and merch are shown on a side table. Back to the mustached man, warbling and whistling now. A shot of another, very similar-looking performer playing a mandolin. The camera tilts down a wall of old photos in closeup, revealing a small row of cassette tapes at the bottom.