Closeup of a hand scratching then starting a vinyl record playing hip hop.  Mid shot of two turntables being played by a white DJ.  Cut to two shot of two men sitting outside in someone's front yard or suburban park under tall trees, extolling the virtues of 8-tracks.  One has a leather jacket and bright red plastic 8-track player boombox.  The other man has a mustache.  "No one's ever stolen our excellent tapes."  Cut to a dark disco, with disco ball, mirrors, bright pink lights, etc.  The camera pans back and forth in the club.  Back to the men, who show off 8-tracks of popular albums and olympics coverage.  U2, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Chicago, and Prince.  Cuts back to the disco club while dance music pulsates.  Closeups of Madonna 8-tracks.  Man brags he made a homemade Madonna record disc.