Desert palm trees sit in the foreground with their palm fronds swaying in the wind. A large snow-capped mountain looms in the background behind the trees. The camera cuts to a low-angle med shot of palm fronds and slowly pans down the length of the tree. The mountains surrounding Palm Springs can be seen in the desert. A 60s car drives down a palm-tree-lined street past upscale homes and businesses while pedestrians walk down the street. The camera cuts in and continues tracking down the street past Palm Spring businesses. Two women ride scooters down the Palm Springs street and two other women enter a boutique clothing store. A white couple walks together in tennis clothes carrying tennis rackets. The camera cuts to a wide shot of an upscale public pool. Divers jump off of the high dives into the pool in slow motion. The camera cuts to a slow POV tracking shot moving into a mountain range. The camera cuts to the inside of an aerial tramway gondola, with people looking down at the ground as the gondola ascends into the mountain.  The couple walks around the mountain station at the peak of the mountain. They pause to look at a sign pointing to different locations and the distance to those locations. The couple puts a quarter into a telescope and looks through the device to see a gondola descend the mountainside. Back at the bottom of the mountain golf carts drive on a pathway of a golf course. Golfers hit chip shots with putter shots. The camera cuts to people enjoying another leisure activity: riding horses through a desert forest of palm trees and desert plants. The ride ends at a community pic-nic or an outdoor banquet with a band performing on a small stage. Members of the band play the guitar and the stan-up bass while the audience applauds.