At Marineland, a dolphin show is underway. A bottlenose dolphin swims through a pool and does tricks, like jumping out of the water, jumping through flaming hoops, splashing on command, and shooting a basketball through a hoop. Next up is a sea lion show, where sea lions jump up onto pedestals, balance balls on their noses, balance cups while swimming through the water, and balance balls while the audience applauds. The next marine animal on display is a whale, that does jumps and performs tricks for the crowd while dolphins perform jumps around the whale. The trainer issues a command to the whale and Bubbles the whale performs the trick. They feed the whale handfuls of squid as the whale performs tricks. The scene changes to b-roll of the desert, with CUs of desert flowers, wide shots with desert succulents in the foreground and mountains in the background, and the arid desert sand. The camera cuts to a small fountain of irrigated water meant to supply an orange grove. The camera tilts up from the water to rows of orange trees.