This clip opens up with a boat being steered across a small lake with people boarding boats docked on the far side of the lake. In the next shot, a man walks next to a man riding a crane that carries a palm tree down a dirt path of a backlot road.  Following that shot, cows/cattle cross in front of a mock train station running from Seattle to the Yukon on the set of an Old Western. The camera cuts back to a large bungalow-style trailer driving down the dirt path. At an event with a crowd, the camera pushes in on a mother and her children in a toy car kiddie-ride. The kiddie ride bucks in front of a side-view background plate (BG plate) as the children and their mother ride the toy automobile. In downtown Los Angeles cars drive slowly down a busy street at night past brightly lit signs for restaurants and bars for a Hollywood premiere. Movie stars like Marilyn Monroe walk down a red carpet smiling at the camera. The camera cuts from the movie premier to a panning shot of the LA county museum with tourists and people walking around the museum entrance. The camera rests of the fountain outside the museum, with a large piece of modern art sticking up through the center of the water feature. The next shot featured is a wide shot of the LA music center. The camera pans across the music center as a car drives past on the street. The camera cuts to a Dodgers baseball game. A wide-angle shot of a pitcher pitching the ball, and the batter swings, hitting the ball. The batter rounds first base and trots into 2nd base as the camera fades from a baseball game to brightly lit marquees of LA restaurants like The Captain's Table, Nanki Poo, The Gay '90s, and The Roaring 20's. Inside the Roaring 20s club, a woman in burlesque attire swings from a swing hanging from the ceiling of the bar. The camera tilts down to a female bartender with a feather headdress tending to patrons. A woman in burlesque clothes on a balcony slides down a fireman's pole and a line of women dance on the bar for the crowd.