This clip contains from silent film sets and footage of silent films. It begins with a CU of a woman looking into a mutoscope, an early motion picture device. A CU of the rolodex of photos inside the mutoscope that is rotated with a hand crank to give the illusion of motion. A POV of what a viewer would see when using/ looking through the mutoscope. In this case its men shaking hands. A shot of the woman looking through the mutoscope, but with a “x-ray” of the device to see the rolodex inside. A man looking at a different mutoscope. A POV of what he is looking at, a girl dancing. A shot of Thomas Edison opening a door. A MS of Thomas Edison talking with a group of men. A CU of a news article talking about the Vitascope, an early film projector. A man working the Vitascope. Cuts to footage of “The Great Train Robbery.” Dissolves into a WS of the interior of a movie studio. A different shot of people working in a movie studio. Actors working on a set. A shot of a scene being filmed for a silent film, but the fake wall falls down on the actors, ruining the take. Cuts to people loading film equipment into cars and driving away. A shot of a film being shot outside in California. A shot of a cameraman shooting footage on a hill in the foreground with the battle scene he is filming down in the valley in the background. The director, seemingly upset with the shot, stands next to the cameraman, yells and waves his arms in frustration.