Cameraman and and focus puller ride up a huge camera crane as they adjust the camera shooting a Hollywood film. Film studio vintage train pulls through a set. Shot of the train platform from behind the camera with crew and actors in scene as Richard Young steps forward towards the film camera. Shirley Temple has makeup touched up off screen by her makeup artist. Cuts to scene of actors stepping off the train, and reverses to the film crew observing the take. Cuts to Richard Young and Shirley Temple at work, and pulls out as they walk away to reveal entire crew with sound man on rig, camera on large crane and bounce boards. Cuts to separate scene being filmed which Shirley runs away from camera towards a vintage car and film crew in the background. Nighttime street with headlights moving about and a neon marquee at a Paramount theater. Interior of theater, celebrities talk to reporters and one-another at a red-carpet event. Overhead view of Santa Claus lane, illuminated at night with sleigh traveling down street.