Korea; UN and Korean troops wait at the border of the demilitarized zone to receive the body of Captain Charles W. Brown, who had been shot down in a unarmed training plane that had flown out of the neutral zone. The coffin is carried by Koreans and then taken up by UN soldiers. Two red cross nurses lead the plane's injured pilot.

San Francisco; Preparation for the world's first demonstration of the "telephone of tomorrow" at the western electronics convention. A women demonstrates the video phone to the watchful crowd. Lifting the receiver, the women is shown on a small screen. She touches up her make-up then dials a number. The phoned party answers and his image appears on the bigger screen. Close-up shots of some audience members.

Fashions Do their Bit for Charity (part 1 of 2); Alongside a convertible at a chateaux in Hillsborough, California, five women all put on their fur coats at once. Modeling fall and winter fashions, men help one women into a chinchilla coat. Women model fur coats from other cars. The show's hostess is given an orchid corsage.