Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads,"Atlantic City, N.J. / Brave death for a thrill!- Daredevils loop-the-loop in aerial automobiles" Man climb up a ladder of a large structure to two large metal stunt cars. The cars travel down a track and one does a long jump while the other does a double loop and rolls up to the camera. The stunt is done a second time and the diver gets out quickly and runs with a woman to a stage where he smiles and the woman waves. Title reads, "Women's Tennis Title Won for 4th Year by Helen Wills Moody / Wimbledon, Eng." Helen Wills stands to the right next to her opponent Elizabeth Ryan. Footage from the match is shown and the women hit the ball back and forth. The stands are shown and the crowd watches intently. More tennis action and the focus is on Wills as she runs to the net to hit back the ball. The match ends and the two women shake hands and walk off the court together. Wills poses for the camera in a fashionable fur coat and sun hat.