Begins with Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card that states, "U.S. Wins Wightman Cup When Helen Wills Clinches Victory/ Cheering crowd sees American women recapture coveted trophy from English rivals/ Forest Hills N.Y." The 1929 Wightman Cup was the seventh edition of the annual women's team tennis competition between the United States and Great Britain. It was held at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, Queens in New York City in New York in the United States. Opens with shot of Helen Wills walking toward the court. The crowd is seated in the stadium/grand stand and they are seen cheering. Wills poses with other tennis players in a group shot. Next a title states, "Miss Wills and Betty Nuthal whose match, won by our Helen, brought back the cup to America." Next is a shot of Wills and Nuthal. Wills is dressed all in white and is wearing a head band. Nuthal, an English tennis player, is wearing a white visor and is wearing a blazer coat and holding several tennis rackets. Title card states, "It was the hardest fought battle of Miss Wills' career." Footage of the match is shown, it is an overhead shot taken from the top of the stands looking down onto the court. There are then zoomed in shots of each competitor hitting tennis balls back offscreen. The crowd is shown next which is large and every seat looks to be filled. More tennis action and the crowd is cut to when Wills wins a point. Final title card reads, "Mrs. Covell, English Captain presents the cup to Mrs. Wightman, donor and captain of the U.S. players. A big trophy is presented to Mrs. Wightman (Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman) by Mrs Covell (Phyllis Howkins Covell ), the trophy is silver and shinning and looks like a vase, it has large flowers coming out of the top. The clip ends with Mrs. Wightman and Mrs. Covell holding the trophy, posing for photographs.