The scene begins with a high wide shot of a formation of military police fire smoke grenades at a protest crowd. The crowd quickly runs off screen to escape the smoke. There’s a close up shot of old women running through the smoke bomb’s effect. The scene resets back to the establishing shot, and this time the MPs use a different smoke weapon. There’s a close up on a single MP in gas mask, shooting smoke from a flame thrower weapon. The scene ends on a high wide shot from behind the MPs of the crowd escaping the smoke to the left and right of the frame. There’s a new scene in a hallway. A squad of military police approach a crowd of protesters. The protesters are shaking burning draft cards at the MPs in a close up shot. The MPs lower there bayonets at the protesters and march forward pushing them down the hall away from the camera. There’s a close up of the crowd being pushed around the hallway corner, while the voice over says, “Always using the minimum amount of force necessary.” There’s a close up on an MP in a gas mask with a small red spray can. A new crowd comes around the hallway corner, and the MP sprays them with white smoke The crowd retreats back around the corner. There are four MPs stand in the hallway with a silver canister. There’s a close up of them spraying white foam on the white floor. A small crowd of protesters come running around the corner and slip on the foam, then flail as they struggle to get back up.

Not Explicit