Coverage of the world's first heart transplant surgery performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Capetown, South Africa. Patient Louis Washkansky recovers in his hospital bed. The next newsreel shows an Aérotrain in Paris. Locals watch as the hovertrain speeds by on its tracks. In the next newsreel, UCLA quarterback Gary Beban is awarded The Heisman Trophy, one of the highest individual awards in American college football, in New York City. Bird's eye view of Beban playing in a football game. In the next newsreel, President Lyndon B. Johnson escorts his oldest daughter, Lynda, as she walks down the isle at her wedding inside of the east room of the White House. Lynda and Marine Captain, Charles Robb hold hands and exchange vows at the alter. Her younger sister, Lucy, President Johnson, and Lady Bird Johnson watch. Captain Robb kisses Lynda on the cheek after they are pronounced "husband and wife." They walk under an arch of swords held by marine captains.