Footage of political races featuring LBJ and Bobby Kennedy. Begins with WS of a cheering crowd. Senator Kenneth Barnard Keating stands at a microphone. MS of a woman in cat-eye glasses clapping. Keating shakes a man’s hand. WS of the room where a photo hangs of Lyndon Baines Johnson and Barry Goldwater. Recently elected senator of New York Robert Kennedy approaches the podium to a cheering crowd, his wife Ethel stands by him. CU of re-elect US Senator Kennedy sign. WS exterior of a Massachusetts hospital. Ted Kennedy lays on a stretcher after surviving a recent plane crash. His wife Joan Bennet sits beside him. their children sit around him while cameramen film the footage. PAN of a crowd for Senator George Murphy. Cuts back and forth from the crowd to the podium. Murphy waves to the crowd. WS of the White House. A long line of people wait to vote. Interior of a building as people mark ballots. An elderly man and woman place their ballots into a box. A line of people wait on the sidewalk. A black couple casts their ballots. People stand within their booths voting. 2 black women place their ballots in a box. People stand in booths and place their ballots in boxes.