May 1945. Title card: "President has a Real Mother's Day." On Mother's Day, 1945, Harry Truman stands on a set of portable stairs in front of an airplane on a runway with his mother, Martha Ellen Young Truman, waving to onlookers.

May 1945. Title card: "Seventh War Loan Drive is Opened." A statue of the famous moment when American soldiers claimed Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima is erected in Times Square as a part of the opening of the Seventh War Bond Drive. Various shots of a crowd of GIs looking on. Three survivors who hoisted the flag on Iwo Jima are there for the commemoration. Low angle shot of the statue in Times Square.

June 1945. Title card: "Air Forces Come Home Via Bomber." The Bradley Air Field in Connecticut. Bombers from Europe arrive after the end of the war in Europe, carrying more than 1,000 veterans. A man exits the bomber and kisses the ground. Other pilots follow him. They are on a 30 day furlough in America before redeployment to Japan. CUs on each of the pilots.