Dutch line streets and cheer as Allied troops in tanks drive through a town. King Christian welcomes Marshal Montgomery who rides in a convertible through cheering crowds and ticker tape. Norway’s Prince Olaf waves to crowds on a balcony. Crowds of people cheer and wave. Various Axis war criminals are shown including: Rudolf Hess, Hermann Goering, Karl Rudolpf Gerd von Rundstedt, Philippe Petain, Pierre Laval, Tomoyuki Yamashita.Iconic footage of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. Various shots of US troops in battle, running past camera, throwing grenades, WS of man using a flame thrower. WS troops standing over smoldering building, guns in hand. Overhead view of atomic explosion at Nagasaki. Fly over shots reveal the destruction that the atomic bomb did to Nagasaki. Various shots of General MacArthur accepting the Japanese surrender, with U.S. troops looking on. US troops drive military vehicles through the streets of Tokyo. General MacArthur and navy officials walk through Tokyo and stop to salute the American flag. Various shots of destroyed Japanese naval fleet. Overhead shot of thousands of American troops crowding oceanliner decks. MS troops on ship excitedly waving to camera. WS American troops excitedly exit ship. Overhead view of aircraft carrier Saratoga sails through San Francisco’s Golden Gate, troops amassed on its flight deck. American troops exit ship. Seaman hugs and kisses young woman. New Yorkers line the street and cheer President Truman as he passes through in a convertible motorcade. WS of airship and Navy amassing along the Hudson River. WS crowds along the banks of the Hudson look on at all of the Naval ships. WS of destroyer Renshaw, WS of seaman standing on deck of ship overlooking New York skyline, the Empire State building prominent in the skyline. MS President Truman aboard Renshaw, observes airplanes flying in formation overhead. MS destroyer firing shot from one of it’s cannons. MS with New York skyline in background, canons fire aboard ship. WS of Navy men standing aboard aircraft carrier standing at salute. Various shots of ships in Hudson River, firing canons, planes flying in formation overhead.