Voice-over narration throughout. Universal newsreel. Continuation of Japanese invasion of Nantao, Shanghai, China. Long shots of burning buildings and artillery fire at night. Long shots of Chinese citizens burning bridges as they leave the city. Long shots of Chinese soldiers jumping a wall to join the French on the other side. Medium shots of the French soldiers disarming the Chinese soldiers as they come to the other side of the wall and become prisoners. Close up shot of French soldier disarming a large rifle. Moving long shot of the Chinese prisoners lined up and waiting to receive orders. Moving close up shots of wounded Chinese men being organized and escourted by French soldiers. Close up shot of a deceased London Daily Telegraph reporter. Medium shots of reporter being carried to a car on a gurney by French soldiers. Long shots of Chinese citizens gathered at the harbor to take boats to flee Nantao. Moving long shot of crowded street with refugees from Nantao.