Voice-over narration throughout. Universal Newsreel. Long shot of crowd at New York Yankees vs. San Francisco Giants baseball game at Yankee stadium. Long shot of pitcher throwing pitch, batter hitting ball and running to first base while sending two players to home base. Long shot of the first home run ball hit of the season and the end of the inning. Long shot of the crowd in the stadium sitting down after cheering for the home run. Long shot of the players and press heading to the dugout after the New York Yankees win the game with 7 runs. 

"Japanese Air-Raid Strike Southern Chinese Capitol" Canton, China (exclusive pictures). Long shot of buildings and boats along the water in China. Long shots of the various sites with citizens cleaning the rubble and destruction from the Japanese air raid. Close up shot of a man holding an injured infant with a doctor and nurse examining him. 

"World's Largest Bombing Plane on Maiden Flight" Seattle, Washington. Close up shot of a bomber plane with its propellers turning.