A scandal breaks out at the Pawn shop operated by Alexandre Stavisky in Bayonne, France. A coffin is dug up by the police. In a nice wide angle shot from the top of a building overlooking a plaza, people run and riot. Police on horseback trot through the streets and a man is put into a police car. In Northwest India, an aerial view shows the destruction from an earthquake in the Nepal–Bihar region. Rubble is shown from fallen down houses, factories and schools. In Cuba, tanks roam the crowed streets. In a shot overlooking a plaza, a machine gun fires and the crowd scatters. Some people are shot and stay on the ground. The scene shifts to the final stretch of the 60th annual Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky. The horse, Cavalcade wins the race easily. The huge crowd is shown flooding the track. The winning horse and jockey are shown in a medium closeup.