Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Chinese Rebels Kill Merchants and Loot City / Storekeepers protest against lack of protection by Nationalist Government / Canton, China / first pictures of Latest Outbreaks." Chinese workers sit on benches outside and listen to a speaker. The camera pans across the crowd and it is a mix of old and young. Brief shot of a damaged store and the title states that keepers are forced to sell their wares on the sidewalk. A merchant is seen standing on a table trying to still his kitchenware. Title reads, "News Paragraphs / Ex-Gov. 'Al' Smith, Democrats' 'hope', begins his vacation in the South / Miami, Florida." The Governor is seen getting into a small boat. the boat speeds along in the water. Title reads, "Gobs turn 'Doughboys' / Modern bakeshop is installed on giant plane-carrier, Lexington / Tacoma, Wash." The exterior of the Lexington is panned across on a dock. Several bakers knead dough on board the ship. The bakers place meat into the pie dough, it is baked and then there are closeups of the sailors enjoying the meat pies.