Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "World's Biggest Pie / Four Ton pastry is feature of annual convention of bakers / Albion, N.Y." Two bakers are seen with a giant rolling pin flattening a large piece of dough on a big table. They are then seen placing the dough over a very large tin pie container, one of the bakers is suspended over the pie tin on a long board. Men are seen tossing many ingredients from wooden baskets into the pie. Title card reads, "M-m-m-m-m! and a shot of the baked pie is shown, a baker cuts out pieces and the crowd, mostly made of young children, who are shown eating the pie. There is a close up of a young girl eating and of the baker cutting pieces out of the pie. Scene end with more shots of people eating, young and old. title card then reads, "Inventor tests Model Seadrome" The idea of the Seadrome was to construct floating airport platforms for airplanes to land on and refuel durning transatlantic flights. It was invented by Edward Robert Armstrong and made obsolete by long-range aircraft, the idea of an anchored deep-sea platform, however, was later applied to use for floating oil rigs. There is a shot of the model platform floating in the sea, then there is a closeup which reveals the model landing strip and model buildings on the platform. The scene ends with a man in a boat pointing to the model.