This clip contains footage of a circus at the turn of the century. It begins with a WS of horses pulling carriages. A WS of people on both sides of the street watching the circus come into town. A shot of a crowd cheering. A WS of the circus convoy, including elephants. A CU of a marching band. Back to the circus caravan. A shot of Indians (Native Americans) on horseback. A reaction shot of the crowd. A shot of a different part of the caravan. Back to the marching band. A CU of an elephant. A WS of the circus tents and crowds. A tighter shot of the crowds walking around the circus. A MS of a woman playing a drum next to a large case. A man on a stage calling to the crowd with an old fashioned bullhorn. A shot of children. A shot of a band playing. A WS of a performance on a stage in front of a large crowd. A shot of people playing circus games like throwing a hoop through a stick. A pie eating contest. A train ride. A man filling up drinks for kids. A WS of a minstrel band. A WS of crowds.