Man at control panels, scientists, experiments, lab coats scientists wear glasses. Rare quartz crystals keep long distance calls on course. Shows how synthetic crystals are made and how they are more efficient than nature’s. CU of a finger pressing a green button. Scientist putting glasses on. Panning CUs of complicated gauges and a clock. A cylinder being opened with a jack. A scientist with glasses. Crystals being pulled out of the cylinder. CU of crystals, backlit by orange and green lights. A crystal being cut by a diamond saw. A metal item being cut. A female scientist testing a crystal. The needle jumps on a gauge. CU of a finger pressing a "Start" button. A disc in a cylinder starts to spin. Crystals pulled out of an acid bath, then caused to shimmy by "supersonic vibration." The crystals are put in metal tube, which is fired shut. CU of vacuum tubes. CU of a white telephone on red table against a blue background. A woman answering the phone. CU of a telephone operator spekaing into a headset. Pan up a radio tower. Illustration of the Earth in space, pulling back to reveal the Moon; radio signals go from the Earth to the Moon, then the Moon to a space station, and from the space station back to Earth, the camera continuing to pan into space. CU of blue crystal.