Shows the Russian and American space exploration and research advancement. WS of a mountain observatory surrounded by ice caps. EWS of an object floating at sea. MS of scientists putting equipment on a dog. WS of the dog being put inside a rocket. WS of a rocket being shot into space. Diagram of orbits. CU of the dog who died for science. LS of rockets being shot into space. MS of debris dropping back on earth. LS of rockets that exploded (lots of smoke and fog) before they get into orbit. ELS of a rocket. CU of a Russian animated demonstration of a future, advanced rocket. CU of craters on the moon. Animated demonstration of a rocket that lands on the moon, which will have a robotic machine that explores what is on the moon and allows men to study it in the safety of the laboratory or in a living room. MS of men in front a screen. WS of the machine roaming the imagined surface of the moon.