Argon National Laboratory 1951. Ext. of laboratory, WS platform in lab, MS employee at control station monitoring gages, various shots int. lab: man at pressure valve, turbine, man operating gauges, WS evening horizon, businessman meeting with employees, two business types looking at plans, laborers installing equipment, WS technicians/ employees handling and installing, reactor plates of uranium alloy, machinery that raises and lowers control rods, ext. control trailer, WS int. trailer technicians monitoring gauges, ext. reactor building, gauges, data printouts, WS monitoring, more gauges, WS technician turning valve, turbine, WS Arco Idaho 20 miles away from nuclear power plant, Arco shots: picturesque street with shops, church, suburban homes, men at power poles, signs “Danger!high voltage” and “Utah Power and Light Arco Idaho Substation,” lights of city turned on at night.

Not Explicit