A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.American soldiers placing bombs and explosives along the waterfront. LS of explosions along the harbor. A pan down the map toward the 38th parallel, overlaid with film footage of American ships in the ocean. Trucks driving down a country road. Soldiers in a jeep drive past a sign reading "You Are Now Crossing 38th Parallel, US C.O.D. 728MP." Thousands of Korean civilians walking and driving down country roads. A CU of small Korean boy bundled in winter clothes. People carrying bags and wheels on their backs. Children walking down the road, including three in a bed being pulled along by a woman. A road filled with Korean citizens stretching to the horizon. A soldier waves in a taxiing plane on an airstrip. US General Matthew Bunker Ridgway disembarks from the plane greets soldiers. Chinese soliders running across a ditch in a field, and turning a Howitzer. A solider loading the Howitzer. LS of Chinese troops marching single-file across a snowy field. UN soldiers wiring explosives to the Han River bridges. LS of a bridge exploding. Aerial shot of a harbor filled with people. LS of explosions at night, presumably in the harbor.

Not Explicit