A short biography of the German artist Hannah Hoech, famous for her dada collages. A still of Hannah Hoech and Kurt Schwitters overlaid with a short text about Hannah. A still of a young Hannah Hoech holding up and looking at a homemade rag doll with a rapid fire “DA DA DA DA DA” as the audio. Hannah, now old and gray haired, holds up two similar dolls. CU of the dolls heads. Still photo of young Hannah posing with doll in which they both wear the same outfit. CU of the writing on one of her collages. Shot of a photomontage collage. Old Hannah looks at herself in the mirror. Montage of her various famous collages as the narrator gives the title and date of each one. Old Hannah standing in front of one of her painting called “Journa-Listen”. Montage of CU’s of the grotesque faces in the painting.

Not Explicit