Short biography of the Austrian Dada artist Raoul Haussmann. CU shot of Haussmann in sunglasses and a hat overlaid with facts about him. Facts include that he was the cofounder of Berlin dada and that he “introduced the letterist sound- poem, and discovered the photomontage at the same time was Heartfield” It also mentions that he published “Der Dada” and hid from the Nazi’s in France. CU’s of “Tete Mecanique”, a readymade, assemblage sculpture made of a mannequin-esque head, measuring tape, a ruler, etc . An animation sequence of the the assemblage moving around to the sound of machines. Haussmann holds tete mequanique in his arms and twiddles with a radio knob at the side of the sculptures head as he sits in front of a huge replica of the sculpture. Hausmmann performs a gibberish sound poem, gesturing and speaking through a cardboard tube. CU of a text version of a sound poem. CU of Tete Mecanique in Haussmann’s hands as he strokes its cheek. The silhouette of Hausmann’s head from behind, wearing a beret. A series of CUs of sound poem texts with the sound of these poems. Haussmann shakes hands with a man and a woman.

Not Explicit