Police video warning about the dangers of homosexual child molesters. Happy orchestral music plays. The car pulls into a drive-in while the voiceover police officer, Lieutenant Williams, says the stranger treated Jimmy to a coke. Jommy and the stranger smile and laugh together. CU stranger while the voiceover says he told Jimmy “off color jokes.” CU Jimmy; voiceover says Jimmy pleased he’d won the confidence of an older person. Jimmy and the stranger fish. The narrator says the stranger, Ralph, says they should use their first names. CU Jimmy laughing and talking. Seated on bench, eating, Ralph shows Jimmy pictures that the narrator say are pornographic, and Jimmy was curious so looks at them. The narrator says Jimmy didn’t know the stranger is mentally sick, a homosexual. Jimmy and Ralph alone at beach. Jimmy and Ralph walk up path towards “Overcliff Manor” with Ralph’s arm around Jimmy. VO says payment expected for the nice things Ralph did for Jimmy, and Jimmy should have discussed going places alone with Ralph with his “parents or teacher.”