Police video warning of the danger of homosexual child molesters. Jimmy and Ralph walking together fades into police sign CU. Voiceover of Lieutenant Williams says that Jimmy told his parents, and the police arrested Ralph and put Jimmy on probation under the custody of his parents. Jimmy’s mother, blond and wearing pink, and his father, wearing a business shirt and tie, walk out of the police station. VO says not all homosexuals are passive; some resort to violence as in the case of Mike. Boys play basketball. CU black boy in red button down shirt shooting (and missing) a basket. CU black man with afro squatting and watching game with manic eyes. VO says nobody noticed him. Everyone but Mike leaves; Mike shoots (and misses) basket twice. Man enters frame and takes ball. Stranger and Mike play ball. VO says stranger friendly. VO says stranger offers ride if they can play for longer. They play more. Stranger puts his arm around Mike and walks him to a red car. VO says the stranger’s praise, friendly attitude and companionship dispelled any misgivings. As Mike gets into car, VO says will die.