Police video warning young men about sexual predators. Police officer crosses parking lot, gets into car, reverses out of parking place, and drives down road with other cars while happy orchestral music plays. CU this officer giving name and title, Lieutenant Williams of the Juvenile Division, in voiceover while he stares thoughtfully ahead. His voiceover says he is on his way to a high school to talk about the dangers of hitchhiking as three boys with their thumbs out wait on the sidewalk. He says to take the case of Jimmy. Scene cuts to Jimmy, who is blond, wears a striped shirt with jeans, carries a baseball bat, and is around thirteen. Jimmy crosses street and sticks out thumb. A mint green car (ID?) pulls up and Jimmy gets in. In voiceover, the policeman describes how Jimmy frequently bummed rides and didn’t think it odd when the driver struck up a conversation with him. CU of driver’s face. He has dark hair, thick eyebrows, is sweaty, and keeps moving his mouth, which is slightly open. The voiceover says Jimmy tells the stranger the specifics of his baseball schedule and the car pulls up in front of his house. The stranger braces his arms on the car on either side of Jimmy. His face is in shadow and the camera shoots from just behind Jimmy’s shoulder. He rubs Jimmy’s shoulder, described by the voiceover as a “friendly pat.” The voiceover says the stranger says he’ll see Jimmy again; CU stranger’s unsmiling face. Jimmy gets out of car and waves. Jimmy, wearing another striped shirt, walks down street, then looks up, shading his eyes. The stranger is parked across the street and waves at Jimmy, who runs to the car and gets in. Happy orchestral music plays on.