Medical and demographic information is used to explain that population growth is exceeding world food supply. Section on birth rate. Shot of a tree branch with little flowers on it, Tree diagram on the effects of having a baby as teenagers. Shot of on old painting showing vaccination. Shot of cartoon of the moods of girls with and without measles. Statue of woman and man looking sad and turning away from each other, Shot of a teenaged boy looking thoughtful, concerned, sad. CU of birth control pills and IUDs. Shot of hands taking birth control pills from a small pile of them. Shot of coins falling, gathering, on a white display. Shot of plastic babies falling in a heap, as the coins did. Shot of babies with plus and minus dollar signs, explaining their cost (very strange setup). Shot of figures, representing married couples, one old parents and the other their two children, weighed against each other on a balance, demonstrating that this is the proper number of children. Drawing of an Asian worker in a hat (Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese?) with baskets balanced across shoulder; cuts to shot of similar worker on a path. Diagram explains that increasing number of children per couple is due in part to genetic competition--fears of being outbred by some other race, religious group, or religion. Animation of musical notes saying “Stop At Two.”