Man looks over balcony at Parisian street. Foot traffic is heavy; people weave around cars and busses. Shot from street of cars and people with large, elegant building at the end of the street. Caption suggests that this is L’Avenue de l’Opera. Shot of front of the Opera House, with cars driving down the street in front of the shot. Shots of well-dressed, happy people dining at the Cafe de la Paix (name according to caption). Waiters and arriving customers smile at the camera. Pedestrians, mostly men, in hats and suits walk in a boulevard. Men crowd casually around a news stand, buying papers. Three sailors walk down street, one lighting cigarette. Shot of a man in a uniform looking down the street as he puts his shod foot on a block, to be shined. Shot of Porte St. Denis, Porte St. Martin, and Old Paris, each following a caption naming them; the shot of Old Paris is of a wide street with a row of tall, slender apartments build down the middle. Caption says it’s July 14th, Bastille Day. Shot of soldiers officials, some on horseback, heading a parade; onlookers crowd the street. Bank marches past camera, followed by soldiers, who carry French flags, on horseback. Soldiers carrying bayonets pass. Captions says these soldiers are animated by Lafayette; CU statue of Lafayette on horse.