Shows how the Neanderthal caveman and the Cro-Magnon family provided for themselves by dramatizing events in their everyday lives. CU archeologist’s hands piecing together chips of flint that were used as sharp tools, demonstrating that these tools were flaked off one rock. Shot of man walking through a museum, looking thoughtful. Shot of flint tools on display. Shot of cave dwellers’ feet. Cave man climbs up a hill. Three cave dwellers row a boat on a lake. Shot of caribou entering and swimming across a lake. Shot men hunting in the brush. Men light a fire. Shot of smoke in brush. Shot of rocky mountains. Shot of cave man adjusting spear and looking through grass in his hiding place. Shot of hunters running through bushes and grass, chasing the caribou with smoking torches. Hunter prepares spear in a throwing device. Hunter throws spear.

Not Explicit