Shot of lake through trees in woods. Camera pans right through trees. Shot of small house/barn in open field. People walk out front door. Shot of house from side. Shot of farm house. Shots of men plowing/raking. Shot of two women on porch looking at camera. Man comes out, woman talk to him, shoo him, he walks away. Various shots of people on porch laughing and talking, one man smokes. Trees in background. Shot of archway, house and door in background, man and woman all dressed up come out of doorway. They walk towards camera, man smoking a cigarette, through archway. Shot of them walking down a walkway from a nice house, arm in arm. Shot of men in woods pushing a large tree that has fallen over. Shot of them gathering around tree. Shot of man chopping at it with ax. Shot of men pushing large branch over. Men in car in background. Shots of men moving branches and piling them. Long shot through trees of people walking down hill. Long shot of people walking up hill. Camera pans to follow. Shot of three men walking up hill. Shot of two men walking into woods towards camera.

Not Explicit