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Long shot of warship in water, great cloud of smoke as a cannon shoots off. Shot from boat, close up of cannon as it shoots off. Distant warship in background. Shot from on ship of two men on boat looking out at water as ship moves fast. Shot from ship of mast, water moving away in background. Great wave and cloud of smoke pops up in background. Aerial shot of ship in water and great big clouds of smoke. Aerial extreme LS of warships and water, smoke as cannons fire off. Shot from on ship of missiles being dropped into water. Shot from on ship, distant ships in background, great cloud of smoke covers them as cannon shoots off. Long shot of ship in the distance covered in smoke. Long shot of ship falling over and sinking in a cloud of smoke. Cut screen to black, words say “proud victors.” Long shot of warships reassembling. Shot from side of ship looking down at water, Ships in far distance in background. Screen cuts to black, says “the end.” Cuts to words “Naval History Filmed Under Fire!” Cuts to LS of ship in water, clouds over head and mountains in distance. Cut to shot of men running on dock, small boats docked along side it. Shot of man running into ship. Shot of large amount of smoke coming from dock. Cut to shots of men preparing inside of ship. Screen cuts to black, words “Britain’s ultimatum: Join us, sail to the West Indies or sink your ships.” Panning shot of ships in water. Long shot of great cloud of smoke on water. Shot of water shooting up out of ocean, ship next to it covered in smoke. Words on black “The battle is on!” Cut to shot of ship with smoke exploding around it. Long shot of ships in distance. Close shot of ship with smoke surrounding it. Shot from ship of water covered in smoke and explosions. Long shot of other warships being buried in smoke. Shot of men on ship trying to fix damage. Long shot of warships. Shot of ship shooting out water to put out fire. Shot of damaged ship that water is putting out. Shot of wreckage.