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Shot from side of moving ship looking down at water. Camera tilts up. LS of ship from front moving towards camera, other ship in background. Both are US warships. Shot of ship through raging water, top of ship can be seen, waves splash around. Side view of battleship passing in front of other ships, smoke coming out top. LS from behind of three ships in a line crashing through water. Shot from front of large warship dipping in and out of water. Screen cuts to black with words “planes leave to scout for enemy.” Shot of planes taking off on runways. Shot from above of plane docked on ship. Shot from top of ship of plane flying by over water, people on boat. Cut screen to black, words “Going through the Panama Canal.” Shot from plane flying overhead of ship going through Panama Canal. Another shot of plane flying over canal with ship in canal. Various overhead plane shot of canal and other planes, shot from inside plane of other pilot. Screen cut to black, words “Enemy is sighted - ships open fire.” Cut to shot of plane taking off, people on dock waving flags. Cut to shot of person waving flags. Shot of men near plane as blast of water comes over them. Shot of cannon shooting off. LS of ships with cannons going off. Shot of ships in water shooting cannons.