Footage shot at the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, January 14th, 1967. This was a large hippie, counterculture event. Begins with abstract psychedelic visuals. Table with a bamboo covering, a green apple and metal incense holders and incense are on top of the table. Big crowd dressed in sixties hippie clothing. The camera pans to the right to reveal the size of the crowd, stops on a maypole in the crowd, zooms in on the top of the may pole. A brunette woman in the crowd. Blonde woman sitting in the crowd, the camera then zooms out and pans left to show the crowd. Keyboard on stage. Shot of performers on stage, with images of the crowd in a slightly pink hue overlapping. Allen Ginsberg in all white dancing as he sits on stage. Poet Gary Snyder is sitting next to Ginsberg. Shot of the crowd. Shot of a woman and a man performing on stage; only the woman is singing. A woman standing and dancing in the crowd while everyone around her is sitting. Footage of her dancing dissolves into a shot of a bearded man with glasses standing in the crowd. Blurred shot dissolves into a shot in focus from a canted angle of Allen Ginsberg on stage with the female singer. Shots of the other people performing with them. Shot of the crowd. Multiple shots of Allen Ginsberg from different angles. Blonde woman in a black dress with multi colored polka dots. Ginsberg sitting on stage reading to the crowd. Man wearing a hat in the crowd. Various sides of a blonde woman’s face as people walk past her and cast shadows over her.