Sammy Davis Jr. introduces Isaac Hayes to perform the theme song for Shaft at the 1972 Academy Awards.

Begins with Sammy Davis Jr. looking offstage. Cuts to a girl in a midriff top and loin cloth style bottoms shakes her hips in time to the music. A man at the top of the stage plays the drums as a group of dancers move together and point to him. Zoom in to the drummer whose drumsticks are flexible and he holds 3 in each hand. Dancers in white pants move in time with the music up stairs and onstage. Various canons occur within the choreography. 2 women dance around a ladder that a man drops down from. The camera follows a white woman with big curly hair and large earrings. Dancers are lifted by a platform below onto the stage. Dancers hold hands and circle a ladder where a woman poses. Another woman climbs a ladder and holds a pose in bent arabesque. PAN up to a fire exit style staircase where a woman poses on a pole and a man plays guitar. A man does an aerial cartwheel towards the camera. CU of Isaac Hayes in sunglasses and hold chains around his shoulders. Cuts back to dancers. MS of Hayes at a stylized keyboard in a white hallway. Tracking shot as Hayes moves towards the camera. Along the wall are cut outs where dancers stick out their arms, legs, and heads. Hayes at his keyboard is pushed by men out of the hallway and onto the stage where dancers continue performing. CU of Hayes. WS of the stage as the dancers clap. The dancers all gather around Hayes as he begins to sing.