Images of mountain views, bald eagles, glaciers, people on a cruise ship, white water rafting, horseback riding in a mountain stream, fishing, brown bear and cub, 2 moose. Black screen for seconds. Images of a tall office buildings shot from below, a tram, a trolley, an orca whale in an educational park, a rose garden, Granville Island Public Market, a street in a Chinatown,cruise ship passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, men polishing brass, a chef decorating a cake, a waiting putting a tablecloth on a table, a man making a bed, a porter taking luggage into a room and placing it on a bed, people on the deck of a ship overlooking a city, lonsh shot of a cruise ship, close-up of shuffle board, an man getting into a jacuzzi, people sunning and reading in deck chairs, a man at a table writing in a journal

Not Explicit