Various shots of displaced people during the war.Begins with an elderly woman sitting in the back of a pickup, she has a scarf around her hair and watches as someone is lifted onto the back. A woman and child walk through a mountain pass in the snow with a blanket over their heads. An Asian woman and children carry supplies past American soldiers who watch; the woman carries large items tied to a stick over her shoulder. LS of Asian people carrying supplies down a road. A young Asian girl gives a piggyback ride to a little boy who looks back at the camera. Men in coats run in fields. A man raises a cross in front of barbed wire, men around him remove their hats, dust rises on the mountain in the BG. 2 men kneel while holding a stick, one boy with his arms extended looks like he has been shot. Men kneel in front of homes and women with scarves around their hair cry. A man with a thick mustache cries. Various shots of displaced people: an elderly woman all in black, a young boy and his grandmother, a grandfather and son, a man looking up towards the sky, a husband, wife and child sit in the snow as the father points and they look upward, a mother caudles her baby, a woman looks exasperated and places her hands to her chest. Negative shots of a grandmother and son walking down the road, and a couple walking. 2 sisters run down the sidewalk looking terrified. Various shots of people running and looking frightened. A line of horse drawn carriages hurries down a dirt road and one man and horse fall and are nearly trampled. CU of a woman crying and praying. A woman with glasses weeps into a handkerchief as she leans against guards’ arms. A woman with a bandana cries. Various shots of women crying: rich women, Asian woman in a kimono wipes her face with a handkerchief and her friend holds cherry blossoms. A soldier cries out of a train window. A woman cries and is embraced by her friend in a fur coat. A woman holding flowers runs to her son and hugs him. A woman in black holds her toddler and son close to her. A black woman embraces her husband through a barbed wire fence and reaches through to him. A black woman leans against a wooden post and cries into a handkerchief. An elderly woman reaches up and embraces another woman behind a wall and they cry. Women hold their hands to their chests in a display of overwhelming emotion. A woman cries over a coffin sprinkled with white. Ends with an elderly woman sobbing into a cloth and reaching her hand out to a guard.