Footage of Paris street scenes from 1960s. Shot of Paris street with bridge. Shot of shop front awning: "Aux Celtiques." Shot of man arranging French flags on street. CU of water pouring out of a drain onto street. Shot of Sainte-Trinite Church in Paris. Shot of another church spire. Shot of man reading newspaper near sidewalk. Shots of shop fronts, people walking past. Shot of shop front: "Les Merveilles des Mers." Shot of men emerging from metro, CU of Metro sign. Shot of outdoor newspaper stand. More street scenes: shot of sign which says, "Metropolitan." Shot of man holding a bouquet of flowers talking to two other people. Shot of two people sitting on a bench. Shot of man [homeless?] offering his bottle to another man. CU of woman and man talking at a cafe. Shot of man carrying raw meat on his shoulders out of a truck. Shot of man sweeping rain water out of gutter in an alleyway. Shot of older man spitting. Shot of graffiti on a street wall: "US. GO HOME." Shot of boy on bicycle cart peddling around milk. Shots of older women's faces. Shot of older woman selling lemons from her hand in a busy street/ market. Shot of Hotel Luxembourg signage and a building adjacent.