Contains drawing of the construction of the Statue of Liberty. Begins with CU dissolves of the Statue of Liberty’s face, the July IV MDCCLXXVI tablet, and the torch. Aerial WS of Liberty Island. WS of a US Navy blimp flying over the statue. PAN of an 1870’s artist’s sketch of the construction of the statue in Paris, France. Cuts to another drawing featuring Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi’s face in upper right corner. CU of Bartholdi. Drawing of Lady Liberty’s hand holding the torch arriving in America. Drawing of the erected hand at the Philadelphia centennial. Drawing of Civil War veterans at a march, a sign labeled: Assembly Dist. Boys in Blue, and Lady Liberty’s hand and torch in BG. Drawing of the assembly of Lady Liberty, she has no face and men hang by wires at different levels on the statue. Drawing of interior of statue as men work. Drawing of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty being silhouetted by fireworks.